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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 3, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and city council today. as cheryl conner reports the focus is on the influx of jobs and people under brac. >> reporter: turnout is much lighter than two years ago but voters at the one polling site in aberdeen have a lot to say. >> they can build enough houses. they got to build a lot of houses and jobs. what about jobs? >> the issues are still are we going to have the annexation or what? most of these guys here, they stand for one side or the other. >> reporter: development is a top issue. two years ago mayor mike bennet beat out the incumbent mayor and now city council president mike hyeb is hoping for the same success. the candidates take a different stand on how aberdeen should grow in the coming years. >> my goal is to build our commercial base in the city, a healthy city has about 25% of their tax base in commercial. we have about 5% or 6%. >> guess what? we have commercial stuff
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sitting around waiting to be built. what are they waiting on? two things, the economy and the rooftops to make them viable. >> reporter: over the next four years aberdeen and nearby cities will see a population boom. under the base realignment plan up to 40,000 new jobs are expected in just five miles of aberdeen proving ground. how to handle all those people is at the center of this year's mayoral race. aside from continued development former state delegate and harford county councilwoman barbara kramer has made property taxes her platform. >> since 2005 tax bill for every resident has risen almost 100% and people really need a change. >> reporter: whoever gets the nonpartisan seat will lead the city through some of its biggest changes as more people come to live and work in aberdeen. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> cheryl says there are seven candidates running for the four city council seats. so far, voter turnout has been much lower than two years ago.
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the polls are open until 8:00 so you still have time if you have not cast your ballot. voters in annapolis are also going to the polls to elect a mayor. the candidates are democrat josh cohen, republican david cordial and independent chris fox. cohen replaced zina pierre who won the primary in september but withdrew after questions were raised about her personal finances. the polls there are also open until 8:00 tonight. for a look at our top stories. johns hopkins university is remembering a student killed in a tragic hit-and-run crash. a memorial for miriam frankl is being held on the homewood campus. a junior at the university, she died last month from injuries she sustained on the crash on st. paul street. a day after announcing a multibillion dollar merger with stanley tools the towson-based black & decker is expected to move its home base to connecticut. the move will cut hundreds of
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jobs, state leaders say they will try to save as many positions as they can in the months before the merger is final. hundreds of high schoolers in howard county rolled up their sleeves today for the h1n1 vaccine. school officials say about 60% of students at reservoir hill got permission from their parents for the vaccines. more clinics will be scheduled as the county gets new doses of the vaccine. tonight police in north dakota have a mystery on their hands. three college students disappeared sunday while out for an evening drive. dickinson state university softball players went missing while they were out star gazing. the sheriff says before midnight one of the students called a friend frantically pleading for help. the friend said she heard hysterical noises and something about the water before the phone went dead. >> they were cut off in mid-call. there was nothing to indicate that there was an assailant or
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anything like that going on. it comes across as sounding more like an accident of some kind. >> investigators have found no trace of the white jeep cherokee the women were driving. there have been unconfirmed sightings of the women since that frantic phone call. at this point police do not suspect foul play. let's take you around the neighborhood a little bit with our storm center weathernet. live data now, we're visiting the maryland science center at downtown, 58 degrees. look at the low humidity out at midtown valley in middletown, 54. 54 at oakland mills middle school in columbia. shady side elementary school, a little warmer to the south, 57 degrees. here's the forecast for the next couple of hours -- temperatures will hang in the mid-50s with mostly clear skies and breeze conditions. cooler air for tomorrow morning. something else is on the way. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> something else? all right. the centers for disease control said today that the
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h1n1 virus has a virtual monopoly on the flu season so far. almost all the flu doctors have diagnosed is the swine flu variety. as the list of victims grows so does the importance of getting vaccinated. especially for those at high risk. that should be getting easier. here's abc's t.j. winnic. >> reporter: today the centers for disease control announced some good news. production of the h1n1 vaccine is back on track. and inoculations are becoming mord readily available. >> we have to get kids vaccinated in large numbers. >> reporter: complex and cumbersome production procedures made the vaccine in its various forms hard to come by. >> it involves growth and testing mechanisms that are time-consuming and take a long time to be done. >> reporter: still, the government now says 31.8 million additional doses are ready to be shipped. >> the president is working everyday. to ensure that people that want
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it have it. >> reporter: nationwide, as the swine flu continues to spread many parents are doing whatever necessary. jennifer lined up early at a free clinic in worcester, massachusetts. not for herself but her two young children, 18 months and 4 years old. >> i couldn't believe that there was going to be a free clinic and i could actually get the vaccine. i just want my children protected. >> reporter: the h1n1 virus has been blamed for the deaths of 65 children since the end of august. that is compared with the 40 to 50 children who die in a typical fall flu season ending in may. >> virtually all the flu we're diagnosing is still h1n1. so we're seeing almost no seasonal flu yet. >> reporter: because there's also a short supply of the flu-fighting medicine tamiflu the fda is asking pharmacies nationwide to use their supply of adult captsles to produce a liquid formula for children. abc news, washington. more than 90 people packed
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boxes for struggling marylanders at the food bank today. the thanksgiving meals will feed more than 4,000 families. the event was organized by the spouses of maryland congressmen. all of them helped mrs. obama at a similar event in april. >> it's just so happened i stood next to elijah cummings's wife and dutch ruppersberger's wife. and we looked at each other and said why don't we do this in maryland? >> a turkey will also be delivered with each box. have you been saving your frequent flyer miles for a rainy day? why they may not save you much money this holiday season. plus, have you ever thought about how much energy your tv sets up each day? tips on how to cut back on the energy hog. we'll be right back.
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on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare
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without making seniors pay more.
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a mixed day on wall street. the dow was off 17 points, while both the nasdaq and sp were up. thinking of cashing in those frequent flyer miles for this holiday season? got some bad news tonight. the savings may be less than you think. megan hughes with details in tonight's "consumer watch." >> reporter: if you're looking for ways to save on holiday travel, redeeming frequent flyer miles might seem like a good option. >> if you can use them for one of these very expensive holiday
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fares and holiday fares are expensive right now for peak holiday travel, that might be a good way to use your miles. assuming they will give you a seat. >> reporter: with the airline industry struggling even the most loyal flyers have discovered few free rides. >> to cash them in at the last minute there might be a fee. to put them back in the account, there's another fee. a change, there's another fee. unfortunately, the tickets aren't really free. >> reporter: so before you cash in do your homework on potential fees. and compare the cost to that of an actual ticket. also make sure you're making the most of those miles. >> i would say that if you're only spending $200 or $250 round trip you shouldn't use your miles save it for a more expensive trip. >> reporter: if you decide not to use them don't lose them. keep your account active even if you don't fly, by linking it to a rewards credit or dibit card. your child has a fever and the doctor's office has been closed for hours. there's a new place to get
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after-hours care in baltimore county. we've got details. plus, the next time you interview for a job you could be doing it from your couch. we're talking about a telephone interview.
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"2 your health" -- if you or your kids are feeling a little under the weather and your doctor's office is closed you now have a new place to turn in perry hall. kelly swoope with the story. >> reporter: mckenzie is full of personality. and now that the 2-year-old is back to her old self again it's overflowing. >> i got mine. >> reporter: but she was not as bubbly september 22nd when her dad wayne brought her to med star health after-hours care in perry hall. >> i picked my daughter up from day care downstairs and noticed a little rash on her arm.
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took her home and it was really red. i didn't want to take chances. >> reporter: the after-hours care was just what the doctor ordered. >> she was fine. they took care of her. we went and saw her primary care the next day just to make sure. if you're worried about a small fever or just symptoms that may concern you the hours are perfect for the working individual. >> reporter: open 5:00 to 10:00 on week nightsened on weekends and holidays. >> we're treating patients with flu, cough, cold, headache, back pain, minor scrapes and strains and sprains. >> reporter: the medical director says they are helping patients avoid trips to the e.r. >> we hope to help patients avoid being unnecessarily in an emergency room, having long waits there and it should be more for emergency situations. we're happy to provide this service. >> reporter: the care is staffed by a rotating team of about 18 physicians. all specializing in either family medicine or emergency room. that means they are all prepared to deal with children
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as well as adults. >> one strength of our system is that we use an electronic medical records, operation across the med starr system. >> reporter: right now they are seeing more children tan adults but with fears of the flu running rampiant business is only expected to increase. in perry hall, kelly swoope, "2 your health." >> if you would like more information about med star health care after hours you can call 1-877--mpp-docs for more details on the services they provide. i loved today but you say we might actually have something a little nicer coming toward the end of the week? >> yes, the end of the week will be nicer but in between we have that something else coming i was talking about. we'll have to do a delicate dance here. here's the deal, tomorrow's going to be a pretty decent day. a front will come through tomorrow night and it has shower activity with it.
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of course it normally gets colder at night than it does during the day. some of the mountainous areas near frederick could see a little light freezing rain, maybe even a flake or two of snow but in the baltimore area we'll just see shower activity. that's the something else the the good news, the shower activity will be coming while you're sleeping. let's look outside now, your shot from harbor cam, a gorgeous sunset over the top of the baltimore area. our camera across the street from the national aquarium. on top of the building, it's called the candler building. our temperature now 58 degrees. 42% humidity. wind from the northwest at 9, pressure rising 30.10. a frost advisory is in effect for northern baltimore county. carroll county. howard, montgomery, frederick, all the counties out to the west. all the counties in light blue, which does include baltimore city, harford county and going down into anne arundel county and st. mary's, that's a coastal flood advisory. because of the position of the moon and high tides and time of
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the high tides and also the winds that we're getting out there, they could see maybe one, one and a half-foot higher than normal tide. when will the tides come? we'll talk about that at 6:00. in the meantime temperatures across the area now, 55 hagerstown. slipped to 39 in oakland. 54 in york. 60 pax river. easton 57. and 59 now over in dover, delaware. the satellite picture throughout the day, lots of sunshine throughout the day but then as the afternoon went along a little frontal system passed through, that's what caused the frontal system, now located off the eastern seaboard of the united states and in behind it, a big dome of high pressure over top of the region is going to sit over top of us. what is going to be happening, we talk about it a lot, around areas of high pressure you get a clockwise circulation of air. the northeasterly breeze will reinforce the cooling air we'll see overnight and during the day tomorrow. right now nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful
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doppler radar but by late tomorrow night we'll see scattered showers. not everyone will see them but they will be around late tomorrow night. in monkton now 52. 54 kingsville. annapolis 57. 55 laurel. eldersburg 54. frederick now 55. up in kingsville 54. 58 rock hall and elkton currently 55. now, watch the forecast. overnight the clear skies, because of that area of high pressure. during the day tomorrow lots of sunshine, few clouds come in during the afternoon. tomorrow night there's that shower activity right there that passes through the region. again out to the west in some of the higher elevations they could see freezing rain or sleet but in baltimore and basically for the metro area all we're going to see is just a liquid-type situation but again it's one of those delicate dances. for the overnight period, mostly clear tonight, 4 for the overnight low. during -- 34 for the overnight low. during the day tomorrow, nice day, partly cloudy but showers late, actually after midnight into the early morning hours on thursday.
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the high tomorrow 55 degrees. the 55 tomorrow will be followed by 55 on thursday with the morning showers giving way to afternoon sunshine. again, most of the shower activity will be gone by the time you wake up. friday partly cloudy 51. 54 saturday. look at sunday, monday and tuesday. absolutely gorgeous weather getting into the low 60s. with shower activity likely on tuesday. back at 6:00 with more on the weather. >> thank you. most people know this, many of the appliances in your home have to meet minimum federal safety standards. but not on the list, your television. it's one of the biggest energy hogs in your home. now, california is proposing new energy-saving regulations for tvs. carla wohl brings the big picture in focus in tonight's report. >> reporter: nicholas violin has three tvs which is just about average for an american home. >> 52-inch lcd. my bedroom tv, 40 inches. >> reporter: and like most people he doesn't know how much energy his sets consume.
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>> i have no idea how much energy my tv uses. >> reporter: in fact, the california energy commission says 10% of home energy use is from power-hungry tvs. it wants to impose the nation's first regulations to reduce energy use on all sets under 58 inches. >> californians will save about $8.1 billion in the first 10 years that the standards are in effect. that's enough energy to power 864,000 homes. >> reporter: but retailers contend they could lose to% of their sales -- 20 % of their sales because manufacturers will be forced to pull some products out of california and consumers would go on-line to buy sets from out of state retailers. >> the company has been in california for 61 years and employs 150 people that if you take away 20% of our business could we survive? we're not sure. >> reporter: regulators claim the industry is crying wolf, just like manufacturers did in the late 1970s when california set energy efficiency standards for
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refrigerators. national standards eventually followed. the same could happen with tvs. >> the federal government will often watch california and they will often you later adopt standards that we develop and we pioneer here. >> reporter: in the meantime, both sides believe consumers should be educated on ways to save energy. in fact, most of today's tvs could meet the proposed standards just by lowering the brightness level. that's a tip nicholas violin could use when he watches his third tv. the one outside by the jacuzzi. carla wohl, abc news, los angeles. >> another energy-saving tip. unplug your television when you are not using it. we're told the savings will definitely add up. now with a look ahead to news at 6:00. i'm kelly swoope. >> does this look like a school zone to you? >> not at all. they are going to put a speed camera up now and designate it
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a school zone . >> i guess revenue is revenue. >> reporter: some school zones in baltimore city are expanding so speed cameras can be used. some say the city is going too far. getting the house ready for the winter can be difficult for some folks. hear how two organizations are teeming up to help people save energy and money. now, preview of what is ahead on world news at 6:30. >> coming up on "world news," off year elections around the country may have implications for the obama administration. no more walking down the aisle. a unique wedding on wheels. i'm kelly swoope. we're working to help you in these tough economic times on check our "financial survival guide." here's what you'll find today -- a lot of people are going into foreclosure. how the crisis provides the opportunity to purchase a home that was all but impossible for many to afford in the boom
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years? plus, it seems the entire world is going green these days. we have some ways to save while being environmentally conscious. our "financial survival guide" is filled with new content everyday. kelly swoope, abc2 news. so, what do you think? - let's go with the... - basic package. good choice. only meineke let's you choose your service, choose your savings. like an oil change for just $19.95. at meineke, you're always the driver.
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a free dvr for three months. don't wait. get all three amazing services for just... hurry. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v before november 7th. are you ready for this? your next job interview may be from the comfort of your own home. a restaurant owner in phoenix who has businesses across the nation is using skype to find his best candidates. doesn't matter where in the world the recruits are. bobby fitzgerald is interviewing them from top schools via skype. the program lets you go face-to-face through the internet, so far the hires have
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included executive chefs and managers. some of those hires didn't even know how to use skype. so fitzgerald came up with an instruction guide for them. >> you save thousands and thousands of dollars in airfare, hotels, travel not only for us but for the potential candidate. >> fitzgerald says there have been a few memorable interviews like the candidates who have super messy dorm rooms. she has graced the baltimore airwaves for 24 years and now will be honored for her hardwork by the industry. when wpoc cress's lori d. young enters the hall of fame. coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts now. >> reporter: speed cameras continue to pop up all over the state but it's weird that some are being installed in baltimore city that have a few people asking some questions about these controversial devices. i'm kelly swoope. you've been told that school and


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